Sri Lakshmi Kubera Dyana Mandapam
Sri lakshmi kuberar temple
Sri Lakshmi Kubera Dyana Mandapam


Om Hrim Yakshaaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya
Danadaanyathi Pathayae Danadaanya
Samruddhimmae Daehi Tapaya Swahaa

Om Yaksharaajaya Vidmahay, Vaishravanaya Dhimahi, Tanno Kubera Prachodayat||

ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये
धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥

ॐ यक्षा राजाया विद्महे, वैशरावनाया धीमहि, तन्नो कुबेराह प्रचोदयात् ||

As water spring enables to get water, in the same way for people who worship Lord Kubera can get releasing his blessings, Added to that, He stablises to be with every individual good strength, better business, sufficient inflow of money, education, industrial growth etc.




Festivals celebrated in the Kubera Dyana Mandapam  include Deepawali, which falls in October-November. It is believed that worshipping in this Kubera Dyana Mandapam on this festival day is immensely auspicious and brings prosperity. The Kubera Dyana Mandapam also celebrates Vaikunta Ekadashi in December-January and Akshaya Tritiya in April-May.


Lord Kubera is well known to every one. Very few people would be unware of his fame. By Chanting his name again and again, prosperous life will result. Lord Kubera is the leader of “Yatchas” he is the very best among them. 


Bestower of Wealth is Godess Sri Lakshmi and Kubera is the custodian of it. Worship of Godess Lakshmi and Kubera will bestow undiminishing wealth, Prosperity in plenty and progress. We solicit liberal donations from the devotees and philanthropists for the trust activities.


Auspicious date to worship Lord Kubera is between Oct 15th Nov. 15 (Tamil Month Iyppasi). Thursday is the most auspicious day with PUSASTAR. He faces Northern direction. Those who offers day Pooja to Lord Kubera he stays in their feature respective houses. Combination of the mentioned is very very rare so, which every occurs, by placing Lord Kubera’s photo with proper Yantra by placing in Northern direction, do the pooja for 48 days with the following Mantra daily 108 times with proper Naivedhyam to achieve the goal.


He is fair complexioned, Dwarf with the extended Belly, Smiling face and Horse has the Vehicle, another posture is seated on Lotus with right leg folded and leaving down the left leg. He has conch on the left hand while the right has Padmavadhi with pot being placed on his right thigh. Apart from these postures, who ever wishes any form he changes as per their desire. His wife is sittarini.


Make Yantra either in Copper, Silver or God 3 X 3 Size with Nine Squares

and numbers to be there by adding to stand be 72 and place or parasa Leaves and do pay a with Lots leaf, and offer ingredients side as milk, scented water, place on Green shawl, in front of lamp (5 faces – wish) with ghee, perform pooja for 72 days by chanting the mantra. All the rich people wise etc will be at your doorstep. This Yantra Pooja gives success at once.



27+20+25+20 = 72
25+24+23 = 72
23+28+21 = 72

Manija vagya Vimana Vavasthikam
Garuda Ratna Deepam Nidhi Dayakam!
Sivasakam Mukaadathi Vibushitham
Varagatham Dantham Bhaja thunthilam!

About the Kubera Dyana Mandapam

Importance of Kubera

According to the Puranas, Kubera, the son of sage Vishrava and Ilavida, was the original ruler of Lanka. Ravana was the son of his stepmother. He threatened Kubera and took over the kingdom and his aircraft, the Pushpaka Vimana, by force.

Legend of Lakshmi Kuberar Dyana Mandapam

Kubera was an ardent and sincere devotee of Shiva. He performed severe penance and impressed Shiva with his Bhakti and efforts. He invoked Shiva's blessings. Kubera went to have a Darshan (divine view) of Shiva at Mount Kailash. He found Shiva with his consort, Goddess Parvati.

Architecture of Kubera Dyana Mandapam

Sri Kubera can be seen in the temple holding the Sanganidhi pot in his left hand and the Padmanidhi (kalasas) pot in his right hand. He graces the sanctum with the Supreme Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi and his wife, Chitharini.

Significance of Sri Lakshmi Kubera Dyana Mandapam

The Sri Lakshmi Kubera Dyana Mandapam is the only temple in India dedicated to the worship of Sri Mahalakshmi and Kubera. Sri Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. Kubera is the custodian of wealth.


5th August Thursday is an auspicious event God Lakshmi Kubera Uthsavar. This Video contains professor Thiru Ku.Gnanasambantham described about Kuber Name & Relationship between Kuber and Lord Venkatachalapathy also Lakshmi Kubera Uthsavar house visit pooja.
Spreading Green & Kuber Power always support you & world Growth.



Rathinamangalam is the name of the village, located on the ECR-Vandalur road, where this Lakshmi-Kubera Dyana Mandapam has been established. True to the name, the Rathinamangalam Lakshmi Kubera Dyana Mandapam is flush with funds. Keeping with the belief that the colour of green is dear to Kuber, you see greenery everywhere around this Dyana Mandapam. The provision of a circular platform to house the idol of Lord Vinayaka, the God, everyone turns to, to have the crises in their lives resolved, sitting under the Banyan tree adds to the uniqueness of this temple in Rathinamangalam.   



The main deity Lakshmi Kuber has been installed in the temple with Kuber in his short form with his predominant paunch, holding the Sangha Nidhi and Paduma Nidhi in the hands. Mahalakshmi is seen blessing Kuber while on his side is his wife Sidharani.


Special poojas are being performed during the festivals like Deepavali, Vaikunda Ekadasi and Akshaya Tritiya. Giving prominence to the green colour, you get green Holy ash (vibhooti) and green prasad. In the perimeter around the main deity’s Dyana Mandapam, there are the sannadhis for Lakshmi Ganapathi, Arupadai Murugans and the Goddess of Luck.

Sri Lakshmi Kuberar Dyana Mandapam

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